Justin Trails Nature Scavenger Hunt

We have put a special scavenger hunt together for our guests. A great activity for families to enjoy while staying in our cabins in Wisconsin! Follow any route on our trail map and have fun enjoying the outdoors, learning something new & great exercise!

1. The Windmill – Behind the barn on the hill you will find a windmill. Bonus: As you walk along our Bambi Lane Trail, you will observe a large and numerous smaller black walnut trees on your left. The tree has a wooden sign with the number 1 and a tent symbol to designate this is campsite #1.

Justin-Trails-windmill scavenger hunt Sparta, WI

2. The Pond – Just up the hill from the Black Walnut tree is our pond. This was built in 1961 to retain water so our buildings are not flooded. The Pond is fed by several springs and underground from another pond. We have a total of 3 ponds. Dogs love to swim and drink from this pond.

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-2 the conservation pond sparta, wi

3. Black Oak Tree on # 15 Fairway – Above the Pond is the fairway for #15 on the Big Brother Disc Golf Course. As you climb the hill, you will find a Black Oak tree among many birch trees. Look for this Black Oak tree on left side of trail near top of hill.

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-3 birch trees & oak sparta, wi

4. Birch Trees – You will find numerous Birch Trees around our property. Some are tall, some are very big around their trunks and some are just saplings.


Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-4 paper birch trees Sparta, wi

5. Female American Goldfinch – You may spot Goldfinch’s anywhere on our resort. Keep your eyes peeled! Bonus points for great photos!

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-5 female gold finch sparta, wi

6. Wildlife Observation Station – As you pass the Black Oak tree and make your way to the top of the hill, you will see the path leads to your right. This path will take you to our wildlife observation station. You can see 180 degrees from here…gorgeous!!

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-6 black oak tree, wildlife observation tower sparta,wi

7. Scenic Overlook – Enjoy our Scenic Overlook from the #16 T-Pad on the Big Brother Disc Golf Course. Here you will be able to see 180 degrees of gorgeous. If you head down the hill to the basket for #16, you will be treated to a 360 degree view!!  The large tree left of the observation tower is the black oak tree mentioned above.

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-7 Leon Valley, Little La Crosse River Sparta WI

8. Burr Oak – One of the most massive oaks with a trunk diameter of up to 10 ft. Commonly lives to be 200 to 300 years old, and may live up to 400 years.

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-8 ridge top view Sparta, WI9. Native Marker Tree – After passing by the Burr Oak, follow Doe Chase Trail and look for a marker tree on right side of trail. This is called a marker tree because Native Americans used a thong (y-shaped branch) to train a branch to grow horizontally. Everything in the woods grew vertically, so a tree with a horizontal branch would be easier to spot. Marker trees pointed to good water and anything else they wanted to find. Snap a photo if you would like. Continue on the Doe Chase Trail until you see a sign for “The Rock.” then head up the trail to The Rock.

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-9 marker oak tree sparta, wi

10. The Rock – On your way to The Rock first you will walk past a flat rock with a round hole carved out. Next you will pass several rock formations until you find two large ones about 12 feet tall, 18 feet long and 5 feet wide. Climb up and you’ll find orange and black moss and a wonderful view. GREAT NEWS! Once you are up…”you are up” – – it’s all downhill from the Rock!

Justin-Trails-Scavenger-Hunt-10 The Rock outcropping, sparta, wi



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