10 Great Reasons to Stay at Our Amazing Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast in 2021

In many ways, the 35-year story of our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast near Sparta, WI is really a classic story of the American Dream — a burst of inspiration borne of necessity, followed by a lot of perspiration in turning that innovation into reality, and a lot of innovation in the years since to help the inspiration continue to inspire devoted loyalty among new generations of happy guests.

So plan your getaway to Don and Donna Justin’s dream turned wildly successful eco-friendly reality — and book your stay today at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast!

Ten Reasons to Plan Your Getaway at Our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

Part of the reason Justin Trails Resort inspires such devotion is that it breaks the mold of the typical bed and breakfast. Rather than a series of similarly themed rooms under a single roof surrounded by a small garden on a suburban-size lot, this Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast is a 200-acre hilly, wooded paradise of year-round-activity trails with cabins, a barn for weddings, and a number of other outbuildings, which among many other things, means a lot of safe fun.

Its appeal is both broad and eclectic — it’s a paradise for dog-owning vacationers, disc golfers, and fans of snowboarding and snow-tubing. Throw in nightly stargazing bonfires and Rusty and Dusty, the two friendliest llamas around, and what you have is a one-of-a-kind place to unwind that’s celebrating 35 years of creating happy memories that will last a lot longer than that for its guests.


The firepit at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful place to pass into the sunset.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to plan a stay at our Wisconsin bed and breakfast:

  1. Our wonderful history. The Justins, who owned what was then a working farm since 1970, decided to turn their farm into a lodging experience at a time when farms were failing all across America. First, they decided to add ski trails, then convert some of their bedrooms for guests, then add breakfast. That led to building guest spaces outside the home, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  2. Our wonderfully eclectic lodgings. Our three cabins and three suites are as well-suited to romantic getaways as they are rambunctious multi-generational family vacations. Plus we have a camping cabin, a Snuggalo (a tiny home), and sites for tipis and tent camping.
  3. Our disc-golf offerings. Disc golf isn’t just another activity here, but a destination-level draw. We have two professionally designed, 18-basket courses. Our Classic Course, a mile long, is Wisconsin’s top-rated course, and on it, we host an annual open championship tournament that draws plenty of competitors and corporate sponsors alike. But if you’re a novice, we’re here to help with some instruction and the loan of discs. The beauty of the game is that any age can play!
  4. Trails, trails, and more trails. Our 200 acres in Wisconsin’s geologically varied Driftless Region contain meadows, woodlands, and hills. We built a trail system throughout suited to year-round activity, from snowshoeing to birdwatching, and you (and your dogs!) can enjoy them to your heart’s content. Try out our self-guided scavenger hunt while you’re at it!
  5. Winter fun! Wisconsin can get crazy-cold in the winter, but we lean into it with a robust snow-tubing setup that’s built for all-ages delights. Our groomed hill is suited to all speeds, as is our variety of tube sizes. And our studio is the perfect place to warm up throughout the day. It has everything you need to spend a full day on the slopes. Check out our Winter Rewards package and stay with us at a deep discount!
  6. Stargazing and bonfires. Our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast has a fire ring and a stack of firewood for you to use come sunset to enjoy the pure, soothing feeling of night in the country. It’s also a great way to light the way in winter for nighttime snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, and on clear nights the views of the constellations above are beyond spectacular.
  7. The best breakfasts around!  Morning food service in The Lodge at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast caters to every level of appetite and every dietary preference and restrictions (keto, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) and is full of fresh, often locally sourced ingredients.
  8. The ideal wedding venue. Whether you’d like an Elegant Barn wedding or a ceremony in the breathtaking outdoors, we’re here to help you plan for your special day. Click here for more details.
  9. Amazing packages, specials, and enhancements. From discounted rates for midweek stays to the little extras that make a romantic getaway that much more memorable to fresh snacks and wine to make intimate moments that much more so, we’ve got an enticement for everyone.
  10. Love for the llamas. Dusty and Rusty have been a part of the lifeblood of Justin Trails for nearly 20 years, and they’re fully socialized and very friendly. You’ll find a mailbox full of treats next to their house — feel free to hand-feed them!

Oure Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast offers 200 sprawling acres of trails.

Book Your Stay at Our Gorgeous Cabins in Wisconsin

Don’t just take our word for it that Justin Trails Resort is a must-do on your vacation planning list. Check out our photo galleries of the resort in winter and during the warmer-weather months so you can see for yourself. Or check out the more than 250 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor.

So start planning your Wisconsin Driftless getaway — and book your stay at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today!

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