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Luxury Cabin Rentals

Picturesque and private, our dog-friendly luxury cabin rentals have so many endearing details—BainUltra whirlpool bathtubs, handcrafted log beds, gas fireplaces—that it’s hard to choose a highlight.

Glance around, and you’ll barely see the neighbors. That’s because Justin Trails Resort unfolds across 200-acres of steep hills and valleys, forest and meadows—home to birds, deer, fox and other native wildlife, which you’re likely to spot during your stay. 

Well Appointed Suites

Dreaming of a lovey-dovey, romantic getaway? That dream comes true in The Suites at Justin Trails Resort  havens of stylish comfort and thoughtful amenities each dog-friendly suite embraces vibrant décor, has its own personality, charm, and laid-back warmth.

This 200-acre property is curated as a nature preserve, respecting nature’s call for pristine conservation. Hike along dog-friendly trails up to the Wildlife Observation Station where a spectacular long-distance vista awaits. 

Glamping Cabins

Tranquility reigns when nature meets modern luxury. Glamping is a bridge to the outdoors for people who quite frankly really don’t want to rough it. Glamping to us means enjoying all the fun of camping while sleeping in a nice comfy bed.

Imagine a good night’s sleep, waking up to songbirds chirping and stretching your legs for a leisurely dog-friendly walk to The Pond. 

Resort Camping

Unplug and get back to the simple life. Camping is a fitting retreat for anglers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers alike. The 200-acre property’s vibe is campfire-snug with the aroma of freshly cut grass, spectacular foliage views, and a lot more privacy than your average tent.

Located near hiking, kayaking, fishing, and biking, there’s no chance you’ll run out of things to do. Discover peaceful days and starry nights in this wooded sanctuary. 

4 dogs 🐶 enjoying our fenced-in dog park at Justin Trails Resort. Our pet llama Dusty is enjoying watching the dogs run & play! 😊 ...

Our White Siberian Husky Heidi loves to go for walks with guests. Take her up to The Rock! ...

Our pet llama Dusty near the mailbox where we keep his treats. Get the treats out of the mailbox and shake them. He will come over and eat the treats right out of your hand! 😊 #llama #llamalove #handfeeding ...

The fenced-in dog 🐶 park at Justin Trails Resort is a favorite place for dogs to be off-leash to run and play. #dogpark #offleash #offleashlife #dog ...

Lots of grass-covered green space to play games at Justin Trails Resort. This is Kubb where the objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. It’s like a combination of horse shoes and bowling. #kubb #outdoorgames #outdoors ...

Hand-feeding pet llama 🦙 Dusty treats at Justin Trails Resort. Photo by Dawn Justin #llama #llamasofinstagram #llamalove #llamalover ...

Yay! It’s time to bring your bicycles 🚲 when you stay at Justin Trails Resort! #bicycle #bicyclelife #bicycling #bicycleride ...

Hand-feeding pet llamas 🦙 Dusty & Rusty ...

Barn Weddings

The perfect Wisconsin Barn Wedding begins with an exceptional location. Our Elegant Barn Wedding Venue at Justin Trails Resort is located near Sparta in the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin. The rustic resort ambiance, where natural organic surroundings meet romance, is the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners, outdoor wedding ceremonies as well as dinners and dances inside our Elegant Barn. Our stunning 200-acre property is nestled in a peaceful, quiet valley with a beautifully landscaped property. Your ceremony is sure to be a photographer’s dream! 

A Magical Place

Designed for peace-seekers and adventurers alike, from luxury log cabins to charming jewel box suites where you can really cozy up, each has its own personality, charm, and laid-back warmth to suit every style and occasion. Justin Trails Resort is a fitting retreat for anglers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers alike. Our 200-acre property is curated as a nature preserve, respecting nature’s call for pristine conservation and worthy of your next Instagram post. Songbirds chirp in the morning, wild turkey and deer cross the property, and an owl hoots as the sun sets over the ridge. Planning a brisk outdoor adventure (or cozy indoor retreat!) with your favorite people just got a whole lot easier.

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